Wanted Listings

Advice and Problem-Solving

Probate I have to complete a probate form, and would much appreciate help with this.

Arts & Crafts

Pottery Ineed access to pottery/kiln (15 Eals)
Upholsterer Upholstery for (removable) arms of easy chair & Seat of office stool. (10 eals / hr Eals)

Building & Household Repairs

Carpentry Carpentry
DIY Diy - extra pair of hands (with strong muscles attached)
DIY diy
DIY - Handyman
DIY needed
Electrical Help with minor electrical fitting.
Household Repairs There are a number of small repairs in my house that need the attention of an expert.
Occasional electrician, plumber, carpenter or handy-man According to clients and work available to either install a kitchenette or a shower cubicle or build a 1M high and 4x4M platform for a roll-out bed. ("market rates" Eals)
Plumbing - is there a corgi registered tradesman or woman qualified to check gas heater, central heating etc?
Re-felting outside shed roof Re-felting outside shed roof
Sanding and sealing floor boards decorating and sanding and sealing floor boards
Simple exterior woodwork repair, handyman work simple exterior woodwork repair, handyman work
Small plumbing job I need someone to fit a water hammer arrestor supplied by me.
Wiring for a Pool - outdoor electrical wiring help for a pond. Either detailed plan or actual wiring.

Business & Administration

PR- Marketing - Admin I am (40 Eals)

Charity Support

Volunteers needed We often need help to run our charity, if you want to help us we will give you Eals. the help we need is varied, form helping at events and stalls to IT support. Please get in touch and we will add you to our list of volunteers to call upon.
Volunteers to support the centre Volunteers are neede to help with the following activities Reception There are 4 daily slots of three hours each. Tasks include: Presence at reception Welcome arrivals Answer enquiries Answer telephone Collect money for attendees of classes Book keeper Approximately 1 session per week of 1-2 hours Keep up to date an Excel spreadsheet Produce simple summaries of management information Marketing and Publicity Visit nearby shops and offices with publicity fliers Send emails about events to selected people Contact event organiser to collect information/facts about planned events and pass on to poster designer

Coaching & Teaching

CS 5 Dreamweaver tuition I want to learn Adobe CS5, particularly Dreamweaver. I am quite computer literate but would much prefer to have a teacher guide me through the essentials. I am a journalist / content provider who urgently needs to expand his web/technical skills.
French lessons French lessons and conversation.
Tennis lessons Tennis Lessons


Computer Repair - please contact me with details of the problem you are experiencing
Help with Skype Require help with Skype. Have a Skype account and webcam etc. but having trouble with it.


Vegan Meals Fresh and healthy meals for elderly parents when away.

Gardening & Yard Work

Digging allotment Digging allotment bed from scratch
Garden Design & Landscaping
Gardening Gardening
Gardening gardening
Preparing my allotment need immediate help on preparing my allotment. It was cleared and dug over once in the late Autumn now it needs to be hoed, dug over again and with weed removed and raked level in preparation for planting.
Soil & lawn maintenance
Transport Prunings to Tip If you have a dirty old car or an old van, please could you take a lot of ivy and other shrub prunings to the tip? If it's a van any costs will be reimbursed. There would be two or three small car trips. This kind of thing leaves mess and attracts spiders, so only use old vehicle! Will load up for you. W5_ (10 Eals)

Health & Personal

Foot and leg care Wanted - foot and leg care massage.
Haircut Haircut
Massage Massage
Massages I love massages of all sorts (per hour 10 Eals)
Minding elderly father Member able to sit with elderly father and heat meals when accompanying mother for appointments

Household Tasks

Decluttering Help needed to declutter rooms
House Move will need help with house move in the future, decluttering, disassembly etc, cleaning, organising everything basically all the hell of moving house! Someone willing to travel with my husband in our car to Sidcup, to help him organise clearing his flat due to sale. he has a heart condition and can't always manage things and I work all week.
Local Lifts Local lifts to home bargains or tesco/costco
Tidying and Cleaning What I need most is help tidying and cleaning as I'm always doing other things and could really do with a spotless house once in a while.
Tidying and Cleaning What I really need is help to get a really spotless house once in a while, as I'm always too busy doing other things.

Music & Entertainment

Dance lessons and sing lessons I want to learn to dance: latino, disco, tango. I want to learn to sing.
Help with video I need someone to show me how to connect a new [secondhand] v.c.r. to my TV.


Dog walking to do some dog walking


Car Maintenance
Lift Shares lift shares
Transport needed i often need a car to go to the dump, do some heavy shopping or collect stuff from free cycle (per hour 10 Eals)


Food Mixer Food Mixer

Working for Ealing LETS

Phone Support We would like to engage members with supporting others by phone - eg finding out their needs, discovering their hidden talents, and encouraging them to put this information into the system. (10 Eals)
Social Networking All members are encouraged to bring this system to life by phoning any members that you know from before and telling them about the new system. If their email address does not show in the system it means we have been unable to contact them by email, so please BE PRO-ACTIVE - ask them to Contact Us with their email address, or do it on their behalf, and we can reinstate their account.