Offered Listings

- Events

Facilities at Open Arts Attend events, regular and once off, eg Art exhibitions, Art classes, talks, exercise classes, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, musical sessions, lunch time music on first Friday of each month, Classic Cinema, Cafe. For current plans visit Venue available for opportunities to give talks, hold meetings, organise discussions etc.
Talk on Palestine we can give you a very informative talk on the situation in Palestine/Israel adapted to your need and wiht power point presentation if you wish. (10 Eals)

Accommodation & Room Hire

Bed for night Spare room available if you have more overnight guests than you have room for.
Bed for night Bed for night
Room space A quiet room for study. Also can be used for piano practice, or a room for a gathering or meeting.

Advice and Problem-Solving

Professional Organiser Help to sort-out unused or misplaced objects, clothes, books, memorabilia, papers... to either give-away or throw or store in a more appropriate piece of storage furniture, and place. For landlords renting bedsits and studio-flats, I am specialised into maximising the space as well as possible with the appropriate space-saving furniture.
Psychotherapy & Counselling I'm a psychotherapist in private practice with over 20 years experience of working with individuals. It can often be hard to access good counselling or therapy on the NHS and the LETS scheme seems a perfect opportunity for people to be able to do this without having to find the money directly. For more information, please see my web site

Arts & Crafts

Pottery Tuesdays (10.00 am -12.00 pm) As a part of Healing Pottery program, I am offering this wonderful opportunity to all LETS members: Work with clay, discover its relaxing and therapeutic properties and create your unique pottery. You can learn to make up to two mugs/jugs or one platter/dish or two free-forms (sizes not exceeding 30cm W. and 20cm H.) on each transaction. (40 Eals)

Building & Household Repairs

Administrative Skills Word processing, Excel, Power Point, etc
Building left overs. Various including: Various bricks in small quantities. 3 huge lumps of slate. Parts of bay window, including double some glazing. 20 Large bathroom tiles: white marbled. About 3 square meters of a waterproof chip board. About 2 square meters of thick insulation.
Building work Painting, Plastering, Tiling, Tape and jointing
General Building Work Almost all building trades undertaken but not any involving heavy work.
Painting and Decorating

Business & Administration

Admin & Computing Computing, admin skills
Administrative Factotem Capable of carrying out any administrative task within reason. IT Literate. Effective. (10/hr Eals)
Administrative tasks Typing, data entry, help with tax return self-assessment forms, CV creating, bibliographic services - booklists on any subject with availability details. (10/h Eals)
C.V. writing CV - help with writing CV
Copy Writing Do you need help with writing text for a profile to describe your business, or to write an important letter - I'm expert in creative and business writing and am happy to work one to one with LETS members.
Copy Writing I am a features journalist and copywriter. I can smarten up the content of your website, promotional literature or other project, and make dry, basic information sparkle. (15 Eals)
Editorial Work I am a literary agent with lots of publishing and editorial skills, and would be happy to help people in this regard.
Internet Research I am very good at using the internet to do research, whether it be grants for charities or individuals, or where to buy the any item for the cheapest price or free!
Introductory Computer Skills
Letter writing Letter writing - effective letter writing, letters of complaint etc
Proof Reading I have many years experience of proof reading for the Civil Service, and I prefer working from hard copy.
Scanning Able to scan documents and send via pdf
Typing Services Do you need help with producing a letter, document, or leaflet? If so, get in touch.
Writing/proofreading Writing or proofreading advertising/web/brochure/flier copy for local businesses/sole traders.

Children & Childcare

Babysitting Babysitting - experienced with babies
Babysitting I am in the process of registering as an in home carer (Nanny) for over 8s and can offer occasional babysitting for Children of all ages.
Babysitting Babysitting
Babysitting Babysitting
Babysitting i am a qualified, Ofsted registered nanny with years of experience from babies to teens.
Child minding Childminding - occasional child minding e.g. during school holidays, collecting from school etc

Coaching & Teaching

French lessons French - lessons, language practise for exams, translation
Graphic Design Graphic Design
Photography Photography
Public Speaking - google for my CV. I coach students for the job market, THAT wedding speech etc. (15 Eals)
Talks on Palestine power point presentation on any aspect of Palestine, Israel/palestine conflict, historical background...
Visual Merchandising Visual Merchandising


Basic IT training I can give help with basic IT for assisting accessing the internet or configuring computers for use.
Basic IT tutoring Word processing, Excel, Access, Power Point, online shopping, selling and exchange including: eBay, Amazon, PayPal, BookHopper, online safety. (10/h Eals)
Computer/Literacy can give general help with using computers and the internet [please note not a lot of experience with MS office], smartphones etc.
Getting Started with the Online System: Members of the Management Committee will be happy to provide tuition to all members who want to get started in the system.
IT lessons IT lessons - microsoft word.
Mac Support I can fix commonly occurring Macintosh software / hardware problems.
Personal Computer related Computer repairs ,instuction, basic IT to MS Server ,basic web sites,I canfix most things


Catering for events We are good at catering for event, we will charge you for the food and add Eals for the work (negotiable Eals)
Cooking & Baking I'm an expert cook. If you would like help with preparing food for a special occasion, let me know what's needed.
Cooking lessons Cooking - cooking for your freezer - homemade meals.
Cooking lessons Cooking lessons Italian style
Cooking lessons 2 Cooking - cooking (or help with cooking)for dinner party, menu planning and choosing wines
Lebanese cuisine I can cook in your house or you can order a dish. Will also have to add cost of ingredients either in Sterlings or in Eals, depending on my situation (10 Eals/hour Eals)
Vegan Catering Vegan Catering for individuals, couples (romantic meals with table service) and small groups. Can coach and advise on vegan cookery and nutrition.

Gardening & Yard Work

Allotment gardening space We have a large garden , if any members want to grow fruit or vegetables.
Cowslips Have a delicate fragrance. Yellow spikes in early spring. Look after themselves and self-seed (controllably) into bare earth nearby. several available. (0.25 Eals)
Garden Heavy duty pruner available for loan. Will cope with material up to 3cm diameter.
Garden /building Garden design/maintenance General building work (15 Eals)
Garden gang Willing to help a gardening gang for daunting tasks.
Gardening 2 Acanthus (Bears Breeches. Large plants. Evergreen leaves and tall flowering spikes. Need purchaser to dig them up. (Each 2 Eals)
Gardening I can clear up a garden after winter ready for Spring (10 lets Eals)
Jimmy Carroll Grass cutting price to be agreed before work starts
Lemon balm. Lovely fragrance, and can be used to make a refreshing and soothing tea. Several available. (1 Eals)
Marjoram Ideal for an italian flavour in cooking. The Meadow Brown butterflies love it. Very easy to grow. Several plants available. (1 Eals)
Sage Rooted plants available. Plant several for quick easily maintained ground cover. (1 Eals)

Goods & Tools for Sale or Hire

Ladder Ladder available, light weight extendable aluminium, will reach 24ft.
Sewing Machine Sewing Machine
Table Trestle table available. Will need roof rack or car capable of fitting 6'6" top. Trestles available separately of course.
Treatment Couches Does anyone want a treatment couch? Both suitable for Reiki or gentle treatments. Both need minor repairs. One, mustard coloured, has a section which raises so people can be supported in a sitting up position, and has removable head cradle and arm rests. The other is deep pink, well padded, with a removable head hole. (15 Eals)
Wall paper steam stripper large wall paper steam stripper available (5 eals per day)

Health & Personal

Aromatherapy Healing Massage with essential oils (30 Eals)
Aromatherapy I would be happy to offer treatments to members of Ealing LETS
Bach flower remedies I am a qualified practitioner in the Bach Flower system. i will also charge 3 for the flowers used. (10 Eals/ hour Eals)
Companionship and support Companionship & support, eg Hospital visits etc
Hairdressing Hairdressing, unisex and children
Homeopathy I am a qualified Homeopath. I am happy to offer advice, but not full consultations as i have now retired. (10 Eals/ hour Eals)
London Walks walks in london
Personally-designed ceremonies Specially designed ceremonies incorporating your own beliefs and likes - weddings, funerals, baby namings, markings of other significant occasions, facilitated with love. (hourly rate 10 Eals)
Reiki Reiki is a very simple form of natural healing which helps restore health and harmony to body, mind, emotions and spirit. I can offer hands-on or distant treatments for people or animals, or teach you to practise Reiki yourself. I am also happy to mentor Reiki initiates. (10 hourly rate Eals)
Reiki and CM Advice: - I offer 30 minutes Reiki (40 Eals) and give advice on choosing the therapy method best suited for your pressing symptoms. 1 Hour Reiki or Shiatsu on part Eals, part Sterling bases. (40 Eals)
Swedish Massage Swedish Massage (Training right now)
Yoga Classes I'll happily offer places to LETS members at my Wednesday morning yoga class.

Household Tasks

Blitz Cleaning Help with house blitz cleaning tasks
Cleaning In-depth cleaning by professional-organiser, helping tidying up the place if required on the way.
Cleaning If you would like help with household tasks, get in touch.
Cleaning Cleaning
Cooking Cooking
Decluttering Decluttering service with personal touch. Confidentiality guaranteed. (10/h Eals)
Domestic 8 part dinner set available for loan
Household Waiting in for tradesmen.
Practical Help Help with household tasks much appreciated as I am usually too busy on my computer.
Shopping Shopping
Shopping If you need support with shopping, I would be very happy to help.
Shopping Shopping
Tidying Tidying, organising, decluttering, including filing household papers. Confidentiality guaranteed.
Tidying Up I love making things neat and tidy, and at the moment have some time available.
Waiting in for tradesmen Waiting in for tradesmen

Music & Entertainment

Costumes Costumes for entertainments, hats clothes etc
Games organiser I can organise games for parties/ reunions/ events (adults or children) (10 Eals/ hour Eals)
Guitar Tuition I offer friendly, accessible guitar tuition to beginner and intermediate players.
VHS copying Can copy VHS tapes to DVD.


Animal Health Advice - general veterinary advice (but not treatment) offered on health problems in dogs and cats.
Dog walking Dog walking
Pet Sitting
Pet Sitting can do daily pet sitting and dog walking, am training as an animal nursing assistant, so also limited advice on care & welfare can be given
Reiki for pets I can offer hands-on or distant healing for pets who are sick, injured or seem to be in some way emotionally or psychologically disturbed. (negotiable Eals)

Sports & Recreation

Tours to Palestine i take small groups out to Palestine, I can tailor the tour to your needs, you pay my time in eals (very negotiable) and share between the group my plane ticket. (negotiable Eals)


Basic bicycle maintenance I can do most simple stuff on bicycles - clean, relube, brake adjustments. I can't raise the dead - please don't expect miracles! (10 eals Eals)
Car Lifts
Lifts Lifts to airports, or other places.

Try Me !

Handywoman Ask me anything (well, almost anything) from feeding cats, washing your car to waiting for a delivery in your house (10 Eals)


Eals for Pounds We need some sterling funds. If you are wealthy and can spare some, we will give you Eals in exchange.
Iron Box Iron Box
We accept donations in Eals Do you have too many Eals? do you want to support our work? then donate your Eals to us, we can use them.

Working for Ealing LETS

Administration Would volunteer to help LETS in an admin way too.
Administrative Factotum 2 Capable of carrying out any administrative task within reason. IT Literate. Effective. (10/hr Eals)
Contacting Members I am willing to contact members by phone as part of LETSlink's LETS Get Going project to update our membership list, the first step being to find out who is alive, living in Ealing and willing to engage.
Internet Access I can help others with accessing the internet.
Internet Access Members are welcome to borrow my computer to access the system.
Member Support General assistance with managing the online system (.5 Eals)
Profile Creation I can help you present your profile within Ealing LETS and learn how to keep it up to date.
System Administration I am covering the work of secretary and newsletter editor. (10 Eals)